Yue Fu Mansion

1-17 Hong Keung Street, San Po Kong

The Building

Median Sale: 384 sqft

Median Gross: -

Floors: 7

Units In Building: 85

Built: 08/1963

Estimate/Sale Sq ft: $12,055

TrueHome Estimate for All Units

FloorNO. 1 (FLAT 7)NO. 1A (FLAT 1)NO. 3 (FLAT 8)NO. 3A (FLAT 2)NO. 7 (FLAT 9)NO. 7A (FLAT 3)NO. 9 (FLAT 10)NO. 9A (FLAT 4)NO. 13 (FLAT 11)NO. 13A (FLAT 5)NO. 15 (FLAT 12)NO. 15A (FLAT 6)
Floor7/FNO. 1 (FLAT 7)$4.79mNO. 1A (FLAT 1)$5.63mNO. 3 (FLAT 8)$3.82mNO. 3A (FLAT 2)$3.82mNO. 7 (FLAT 9)$5.29mNO. 7A (FLAT 3)$3.82mNO. 9 (FLAT 10)NO. 9A (FLAT 4)$3.82mNO. 13 (FLAT 11)$4.79mNO. 13A (FLAT 5)$3.82mNO. 15 (FLAT 12)$4.7mNO. 15A (FLAT 6)$3.82m
Floor6/FNO. 1 (FLAT 7)$4.69mNO. 1A (FLAT 1)$5.63mNO. 3 (FLAT 8)$4.8mNO. 3A (FLAT 2)$3.82mNO. 7 (FLAT 9)$5.29mNO. 7A (FLAT 3)$3.82mNO. 9 (FLAT 10)$5.29mNO. 9A (FLAT 4)$3.82mNO. 13 (FLAT 11)$4.69mNO. 13A (FLAT 5)$3.82mNO. 15 (FLAT 12)$4.7mNO. 15A (FLAT 6)$3.82m
Floor5/FNO. 1 (FLAT 7)$4.58mNO. 1A (FLAT 1)$5.66mNO. 3 (FLAT 8)$5.33mNO. 3A (FLAT 2)$3.72mNO. 7 (FLAT 9)$5.33mNO. 7A (FLAT 3)$3.72mNO. 9 (FLAT 10)$5.33mNO. 9A (FLAT 4)$3.72mNO. 13 (FLAT 11)$4.58mNO. 13A (FLAT 5)$3.72mNO. 15 (FLAT 12)$4.73mNO. 15A (FLAT 6)$3.72m
Floor4/FNO. 1 (FLAT 7)$4.63mNO. 1A (FLAT 1)$5.7mNO. 3 (FLAT 8)$4.86mNO. 3A (FLAT 2)$3.72mNO. 7 (FLAT 9)$5.37mNO. 7A (FLAT 3)$3.72mNO. 9 (FLAT 10)$5.37mNO. 9A (FLAT 4)$3.72mNO. 13 (FLAT 11)$4.63mNO. 13A (FLAT 5)$3.72mNO. 15 (FLAT 12)$4.73mNO. 15A (FLAT 6)$3.72m
Floor3/FNO. 1 (FLAT 7)$4.6mNO. 1A (FLAT 1)$5.72mNO. 3 (FLAT 8)$4.88mNO. 3A (FLAT 2)$3.72mNO. 7 (FLAT 9)$5.39mNO. 7A (FLAT 3)$3.72mNO. 9 (FLAT 10)$5.39mNO. 9A (FLAT 4)$3.72mNO. 13 (FLAT 11)$4.6mNO. 13A (FLAT 5)$3.72mNO. 15 (FLAT 12)$4.75mNO. 15A (FLAT 6)$3.72m
Floor2/FNO. 1 (FLAT 7)$5.08mNO. 1A (FLAT 1)$5.76mNO. 3 (FLAT 8)$4.9mNO. 3A (FLAT 2)$3.73mNO. 7 (FLAT 9)$5.43mNO. 7A (FLAT 3)$3.73mNO. 9 (FLAT 10)$5.43mNO. 9A (FLAT 4)$3.73mNO. 13 (FLAT 11)$5.08mNO. 13A (FLAT 5)$3.73mNO. 15 (FLAT 12)$4.76mNO. 15A (FLAT 6)$3.73m
Floor1/FNO. 1 (FLAT 7)$5.08mNO. 1A (FLAT 1)$5.85mNO. 3 (FLAT 8)$5.52mNO. 3A (FLAT 2)$3.73mNO. 7 (FLAT 9)$5.52mNO. 7A (FLAT 3)$3.73mNO. 9 (FLAT 10)$5.52mNO. 9A (FLAT 4)$3.73mNO. 13 (FLAT 11)$5.08mNO. 13A (FLAT 5)$3.73mNO. 15 (FLAT 12)$4.76mNO. 15A (FLAT 6)$3.73m

Median TrueHome Estimateā„¢

Recent Sales in Building

UnitDateSale PriceSaleable Sqft$/Saleable Sqft
UnitDate12/2019Sale Price$3,500,000Saleable Sqft384$/Saleable Sqft$9,115
UnitDate09/2019Sale Price$5,130,000Saleable Sqft545$/Saleable Sqft$9,413
UnitDate04/2018Sale Price$3,400,000Saleable Sqft384$/Saleable Sqft$8,854
UnitDate01/2018Sale Price$3,850,000Saleable Sqft501$/Saleable Sqft$7,685
UnitDate10/2017Sale Price$1,980,000Saleable Sqft384$/Saleable Sqft$5,156
UnitDate05/2017Sale Price$3,600,000Saleable Sqft545$/Saleable Sqft$6,606
UnitDate12/2015Sale Price$2,480,000Saleable Sqft384$/Saleable Sqft$6,458
UnitDate06/2015Sale Price$2,530,000Saleable Sqft384$/Saleable Sqft$6,589
UnitDate05/2015Sale Price$2,800,000Saleable Sqft384$/Saleable Sqft$7,292
UnitDate06/2014Sale Price$2,250,000Saleable Sqft452$/Saleable Sqft$4,978
UnitDate01/2014Sale Price$2,770,000Saleable Sqft501$/Saleable Sqft$5,529
UnitDate05/2013Sale Price$2,430,000Saleable Sqft384$/Saleable Sqft$6,328
UnitDate01/2013Sale Price$1,930,000Saleable Sqft384$/Saleable Sqft$5,026
UnitDate11/2012Sale Price$1,100,000Saleable Sqft384$/Saleable Sqft$2,865
UnitDate12/2011Sale Price$1,890,000Saleable Sqft501$/Saleable Sqft$3,772
UnitDate08/2010Sale Price$1,200,000Saleable Sqft501$/Saleable Sqft$2,395
UnitDate01/2009Sale Price$820,000Saleable Sqft501$/Saleable Sqft$1,637
UnitDate06/2008Sale Price$780,000Saleable Sqft379$/Saleable Sqft$2,058
UnitDate04/2008Sale Price$1,180,000Saleable Sqft501$/Saleable Sqft$2,355
UnitDate11/2007Sale Price$680,000Saleable Sqft379$/Saleable Sqft$1,794
UnitDate09/2007Sale Price$600,000Saleable Sqft379$/Saleable Sqft$1,583
UnitDate07/2007Sale Price$810,000Saleable Sqft501$/Saleable Sqft$1,617
UnitDate11/2005Sale Price$880,000Saleable Sqft452$/Saleable Sqft$1,947
UnitDate10/2005Sale Price$800,000Saleable Sqft452$/Saleable Sqft$1,770

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