House F Eden View

18 Stanley Village Road, Stanley

The Building

Median Sale: 2,679 sqft

Median Gross: 3,400 sqft

Floors: 1

Units In Building: 1

Built: 08/1977

Estimate/Sale Sq ft: -

Group 14

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Recent Sales in Building

UnitDateSale PriceSaleable Sqft$/Saleable Sqft
UnitDate03/2006Sale Price$36,080,000Saleable Sqft2,679$/Saleable Sqft$13,468
UnitDate03/2004Sale Price$29,300,000Saleable Sqft2,679$/Saleable Sqft$10,937
UnitDate07/1997Sale Price$44,800,000Saleable Sqft2,679$/Saleable Sqft$16,723
UnitDate06/1997Sale Price$37,000,000Saleable Sqft2,679$/Saleable Sqft$13,811
UnitDate06/1996Sale Price$27,100,000Saleable Sqft2,679$/Saleable Sqft$10,116

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