Chung Ying Building

48-50 Stanley Main Street, Stanley

The Building

Median Sale: 262 sqft

Median Gross: 480 sqft

Floors: 4

Units In Building: 6

Built: 12/1980

Estimate/Sale Sq ft: $17,019

Group 14

TrueHome Estimate for All Units

Floor5/FFLAT A$4.51m
Floor4/FFLAT A$4.86m
Floor3/FFLAT A$4.51mFLAT B$4.39m
Floor2/FFLAT A$4.37mFLAT B$4.41m

Median TrueHome Estimateā„¢

Recent Sales in Building

UnitDateSale PriceSaleable Sqft$/Saleable Sqft
UnitDate10/2010Sale Price$2,000,000Saleable Sqft245$/Saleable Sqft$8,163
UnitDate10/2010Sale Price$2,000,000Saleable Sqft220$/Saleable Sqft$9,091
UnitDate05/2009Sale Price$1,500,000Saleable Sqft245$/Saleable Sqft$6,122
UnitDate05/2009Sale Price$1,400,000Saleable Sqft220$/Saleable Sqft$6,364
UnitDate11/2006Sale Price$400,000Saleable Sqft220$/Saleable Sqft$1,818
UnitDate11/2006Sale Price$400,000Saleable Sqft-$/Saleable Sqft-
UnitDate02/2006Sale Price$1,250,000Saleable Sqft343$/Saleable Sqft$3,644
UnitDate02/2006Sale Price$1,350,000Saleable Sqft279$/Saleable Sqft$4,839

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