74 Stanley Main Street

74 Stanley Main Street, Stanley

The Building

Median Sale: 547 sqft

Median Gross: 660 sqft

Floors: 4

Units In Building: 4

Built: 08/1976

Estimate/Sale Sq ft: $11,348

TrueHome Estimate for All Units

FloorNO. 74
Floor5/FNO. 74$6.21m
Floor4/FNO. 74$6.21m
Floor3/FNO. 74$6.21m
Floor2/FNO. 74$6.21m

Median TrueHome Estimateā„¢

Recent Sales in Building

UnitDateSale PriceSaleable Sqft$/Saleable Sqft
UnitDate03/2008Sale Price$3,600,000Saleable Sqft547$/Saleable Sqft$6,581
UnitDate06/2007Sale Price$2,900,000Saleable Sqft547$/Saleable Sqft$5,302
UnitDate11/2004Sale Price$2,500,000Saleable Sqft547$/Saleable Sqft$4,570
UnitDate01/2004Sale Price$1,700,000Saleable Sqft547$/Saleable Sqft$3,108

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