62 Po Tung Road

62 Po Tung Road, Sai Kung Peninsula

The Building

Median Sale: 691 sqft

Median Gross: -

Floors: 4

Units In Building: 4

Built: 01/1975

Estimate/Sale Sq ft: $9,962

Group 14

TrueHome Estimate for All Units

FloorNO. 62
Floor4/FNO. 62$6.84m
Floor3/FNO. 62$6.8m
Floor2/FNO. 62$6.8m
Floor1/FNO. 62$6.82m

Median TrueHome Estimateā„¢

Recent Sales in Building

UnitDateSale PriceSaleable Sqft$/Saleable Sqft
UnitDate10/2016Sale Price$4,800,000Saleable Sqft691$/Saleable Sqft$6,946
UnitDate10/2016Sale Price$4,800,000Saleable Sqft691$/Saleable Sqft$6,946
UnitDate01/2015Sale Price$4,200,000Saleable Sqft691$/Saleable Sqft$6,078
UnitDate10/2012Sale Price$3,960,000Saleable Sqft691$/Saleable Sqft$5,731
UnitDate04/2010Sale Price$2,600,000Saleable Sqft691$/Saleable Sqft$3,763
UnitDate09/2009Sale Price$1,580,000Saleable Sqft691$/Saleable Sqft$2,287
UnitDate09/2008Sale Price$2,300,000Saleable Sqft691$/Saleable Sqft$3,329
UnitDate04/2001Sale Price$990,000Saleable Sqft691$/Saleable Sqft$1,433
UnitDate05/2000Sale Price$1,000,000Saleable Sqft691$/Saleable Sqft$1,447
UnitDate11/1996Sale Price$2,100,000Saleable Sqft691$/Saleable Sqft$3,039

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